WRC Membership

Membership provides you with access to the following

  1. Club Training Sessions (Full details can be found on the training pages)
  • Wednesday night turbo classes (additional cost of £3 per session or £5 if hiring a turbo)
  • Wednesday night social rides once it's light enough (free)
  • Run sessions with WRC - subject to usual membership with WRC
  • Swim sessions later this year once more pool space becomes free
  • DL Swim Training at reduced rate
  1. Access to members only page on facebook
  2. Reduced membership cost to join British Triathlon

Join WRC Tri

If you are interested in joining WRC tri please complete the attached form and make a payment of the membership fee to the tri club account (please note this is different to the running club details)

Membership Form


In 2018 the membership was brought in line with the Running club and therefore now runs from 1st April and is £10. This can be on top of the running club membership or separate (if you are not interested in running) . Payment can either be made on our turbo nights or at running club in cash or via bank transfer to WRC TRI (This is a different account to the running club so please don't use the running club account)

BTF Membership

Details of joining British Tri can be seen below.



Committee Assistance

The Club is also after help with various tasks to assist with the development of the Tri section of the club.

Swim Co-ordinator – contact local pools re block bookings , arrange swim assessments, source swim camps

Club Events organiser – arranging team events similar to Cholmondeley Castle Tri in 2018, look what other events are out there for us to complete in as a club, create FB events , look at the potential of a 2019 club overseas event !

If you feel you can assist please contact Lisa or Nick