WRC hit Helsby half marathon

Ska music filled the car as the team of three from WRC headed across the county to Helsby.

Neil was running in only his second Half and had set out to improve upon his PB set only two weeks previously. Meanwhile, Caroline, had been asked to act as ‘pacemaker’ for the final third of this Golden Triumvirate, so would the conditions and the organisers conspire to help or hinder?

In fact, the conditions were perfect. We encountered a piercing blue sky, no wind or rain, and a runner friendly temperature as the gun went, and the elite runners full of high hopes began to put their best feet forward in front of us.

It’s an undulating, meandering and challenging route that benefits from having a fast final two miles back into Helsby as the three earlier villages melt into the distance. However, the craic and camaraderie en route is priceless, as everyone wants to see their fellow runner succeed.

The end result was that we all improved upon our most recent time, and despite the small, but significant issues with baggage reclaim, will heartily recommend WRC travel en masse to the event in January 2015.

Dave Yates