WRC Club Handicap

The WRC’s first club handicap is only a week away and if you’re planning on taking part you need to register so that the average of the last 3 park runs can be calculated

We have set up an event on our facebook page and if you are coming along can you please accept the invite, however if you dont use social medial feel free to email

How it works

The idea of the handicap is to give runners of different abilities the chance to compete equally. The slowest runners start first followed at regular intervals by faster runners, with the fastest runners starting last. If the handicapper gets it right, everyone will finish at almost the same time!

Calculation of handicaps

The handicap is based on 44 minutes, so if you think that it will take you 30 minutes to complete your run you will be given a 14-minute handicap and start at 7.14pm. If you expect to do a 20-minute 5K you will have a 24-minute handicap and start at 7.24pm and so on. The idea is that everyone finishes close together.
After each race the handicaps are adjusted as you get quicker. By the end of the series, many will have improved their PB.

You will need to register before the event to enable us to use an average of 3 recent parkruns to gauge your handicap ……….dont worry if you havent ran any parkruns we have other means of finding out !!