Why I love trails in the dark by Gareth Finlay

Let me paint you a picture…… you put your trail shoes on, you rock up to the start point and talk to your friends, it’s cold but you know once you start moving, it will change. Everybody has arrived, you set off at a slow pace as it’s cold and dark and you need to warm-up. The pace gets quicker, you are now entering a park, there’s a few puddles, you try to avoid them – feet not warm yet. You’re watching the light ahead of you to see what lies in front and where to put your feet. After about 10 to 15 minutes, you’re warm, you’re trying to run on a path through a ploughed field, your feet are sticking to the floor, you look around and all that’s in front or behind you is a few white dots from the head torches of friends you know you are running with. You keep going, you are in the middle of nowhere. The way back – no idea?, the way to go – no idea? But who cares, this is me time. Still you keep running and there are puddles, some are shallow and splash, some are deep and your shoes feel like they want to stay behind as they sink. Onwards, feeling like you are on a foreign planet and exploring it with your friends. Real life does not even exist out here, where even is here? Nothing matters other than where your next footstep is. Muddy, who cares, no one can shout at you out here, we are all dirty. Eventually you get back to your car. Was it real or was that run just a dream? Strava says it was not. Back to real life, work in the morning.