Who will be the road race champions of Warrington?

In a ground-breaking initiative, a new race format for the town has been created by all the athletics and running clubs in Warrington coming together.

A resurgence in running over the last few years has seen hundreds of new runners taking to the track, road and countryside to participate in running events organised by clubs. Whether for health, social or ‘pursuit of excellence’ goals, Warrington has seen many more people participating in the races and leagues organised by the existing clubs in the area over the last few years and race entries for events have climbed to unprecedented levels.

In order to support this surge and generate a way for the clubs to co-operate more fully in providing great races, great membership benefits and great opportunities to continue to grow in the future, the five athletics clubs based in the Warrington area have formed the Warrington Road Race Grand Prix series as the pinnacle of racing in the area.

Each club have nominated a race from their calendar to be their contribution to the overall series of races throughout the year and the results from all 5 races will determine who the first Grand Prix series winners are for Warrington. There are trophies and prizes for each male and female winner of the series with additional male and female awards for the veteran category winners.

The nominated 2017 races are;

  • Burtonwood 5 miles on 25th March, organised by Warrington Running Club.
  • Peter Lowe Memorial (Hollins Green) 5 kilometers on 17th June, organised by Spectrum Striders.
  • Warrington 10 kilometers on 29th June, organised by Warrington Road Runners.
  • Lymm Festival Trail 10 kilometers on 9th July, organised by Lymm Running Club.
  • Olympians (Victoria park and Kingsway bridge) 8 miles in Sept, to be organised by Warrington Athletic Club.

With more than a thousand runners expected to enter this series of races interest and excitement is high to see who will be crowned the first champions of Warrington.

For more information about these races as well as details of sponsorship and promotion opportunities available please contact;

Allan Wort, Warrington Running Partnership

Mobile: +44 (0) 7884 188008
Email: ajw01@cyteenfoundation.com