We rocked Liverpool!

3 races, 1 weekend. WRC were ready to hit the Liverpool Rock & Roll Series with a bang.

wrc- liverpool r&r

Saturday 13th June welcomed the 5k to the town were the Beatles were born, Liverpool, and Iconic city known for its music, wrc runningfashion and ‘scouse brows’ of course.  WRC joined the start line that day with the 1500 other runners ready to take on 3.1 miles.

The humidity soared through the crowds but the grey day didn’t dampen the spirits of our runners, many taking on the challenge of a double race that weekend wanted, just a steady jog.

The 5k lead you around the centre of Liverpool taking on many iconic sites such as the Liver Birds (Which Craig has recently had tattooed on his leg to show his love for LFC.) The arena finish was a lot of fun, flashing disco lights and music made it all the more enjoyable for WRC who crossed the finish line hand in hand.


That evening many joined Julia AKA ‘WRC Mum’ for a carb party to fill up for the following days marathon and half marathon. The food was enjoyed by all and it gave the runners a chance to offer support towrc 2 those with pre marathon nerves. They laughed, they hugged and they smiled together in anticipation of the following day….

I now take you to Sunday morning , the weather had cooled which was a great relief for many. As more than 70 runners waited for a coach nerves and tension started to grow.

Everyone gathered by the Big Wheel before the Half Marathon start for a quick photo opportunity, much to their surprise they were joined by two special guests Mr & Mrs Potato Head AKA Mike and Gaz. They had decided to run the marathon dressed as the fab duo, making their already blossoming relationship even more special.

A quick dash to the half marathon start which was to commence at 9am, 1hour before the marathon start. Some found that this was a little disheartening for the marathon runners to have to wait another hour but they enjoyed cheering on the runners and getting themselves mentally prepared for the long road ahead.mr and mrs potato

The Marathon start took you past both Merseyside football stadiums then joined onto the half marathon course for the last section. It was a great route leading you up some hills through China Town but once you hit Sefton Park there were some pretty nice declines to help you pick up some speed. The last 4 miles of the route lead you down the pier across the waterfront of Liverpool. The Liver Birds were in sight and the music was blaring across the city to welcome you to the finish line they had dreamed of for hours.

Many of the Half Marathon runners waited at the finish line to cheer the others down the last stretch that seems so close yet so far away. WRC showed their true colours that day. Not only were they the loudest cheerers around but they offered support not only to their own friends but to other runners giving them that last bit of encouragement they so sorely needed.

The day ended in true WRC style with a quick dash to the pub to celebrate the months of hard work and dedication, they raised a glass and gave each other a pat on the back for it was a weekend they will never forget. wrc 3



Congratulations to all the team across the three events.


Hannah Gallagher- Marathon

Lucy McEllin- 5k, Marathon wrc george

Gary Corbett- Half Marathon

Lesley Whifield- 5k

Debbie Millington- Half Marathon

John Millington- Half Marathon

Vonnie Hazle- 5k, Half Marathon

Craig Dennen- 5k, Marathon

Tracey Walker- 5k

Chloe Davies- 5kwrc hayley

Erika Lamb- 5k, Official Half Marathon pacer

Lisa Lee- 5k, Marathon

Emma Bonner- Half Marathon

Amian Cowell – 5k, Half Marathon

Hazel Williams- Marathon

Stephen Yates- Half Marathon

Anita King – 5k

Ben North- Marathonwrc 4

Nicola Finch- 5k, Half Marathon

Stella Reynolds- Half Marathon

Lisa Jefferies- 5k , Half Marathon

Trish Preston- Marathon

Debbie Guest- 5k, Half Marathon

Karen George- Half Marathon

Mike Kay- 5k, Marathon

Paul Corless- 5k, Half Marathonwrc hayley and dave

Nathan Ashurtst- 5k, Marathon

Hannah Evens- Half Marathon

Darren Blackshaw- Half Marathon

Rachel Cartwright- Half Marathon

Cathy Brownlow- Half Marathon

Louise Plevin- 5k, Half Marathon

George Gaskell- Marathon

Julia White- Marathonbromance

Sarah Nuttall- Half Marathon

Carol Hanmer- 5k, Half Marathon

Dan Dubabin- 5k, Marathon

Joanne Griffiths- 5k

Nicola Dunbabin- 5k, Half Marathon

Tony Tonks- Half Marathon POTATO

Sarah Matthews- 5k, Official Half Marathon pacer

Gary Young- Half Marathon

Paul Mcwhirther- Half Marathon

Clare Firth- Half Marathon

Tracey Fisher- Half Marathon

Gemma Moran- Half Marathon wrc 6

Nige Taylor- Marathon

Andy Walker- 5k , Half Marathon

Hayley Bell- Marathon

Stuart Lawton- 5k, Half Marathon

Lisa Reid- Marathon

Mark Daniels- Marathon

Michael Clarke- Marathon

Samantha Lloyd- 5k

Mr Potato Head- Half Marathonwrc 7

Mrs Potato Head- Half Marathon

Mike Metcalfe- 5k

Cheryl Robinson- 5k, Half Marathon

Chris Conchie- Half Marathon

Sarah Day- Half Marathon

Hayley Wilkinson- Marathon

Peter Glover- 5k, Marathon

Rebecca Sogbetun- Half Marathon potato 2

Louise Casey- 5k

Jayne Sudworth- Half Marathon

Li Anne- 5k

Lindsay Plumb- 5k , Marathon

Julie Cooper- 5k, Half Marathon

Clare Lowery- 5k, Half Marathon

David Flanagan- Marathon

Sharon Dunne- 5k, Half Marathonwrc 8

Graham Cheers- 5k, Marathon

James Clipstone- Marathon

Hayley Staunton- 5k, Half Marathon

Holly Blakemore- Half Marathon

Phil Jolley – Marathon

They loved the weekend so much that many of WRC have already signed up for next years Rock and Roll races. Bring on 2016!