Warrington Running Club flies the flag for Great Britain

The last weekend in May 2015 the UK was blessed to hold many fabulous events across its glorious countryside.snowdonia half 4

From Warrington Parkrun to the Snowdonia Half Marathon and everything in between, this weekend was set to be one that is firmly planted in runners hearts forever.

It wasn’t just racing happening this weekend, many runners did some of their longest miles, ahead of the Rock and Roll Marathon that’s set to take place in just a couple of weeks.


Firstly I take you to Edinburgh, the Scottish Capital. Lucy McEllen completed her first marathon alongside James Clipstone, edinburugh 1George Gaskell and Mike Metcalfe. Mike was one of the only people that weekend to complete all 4 races (5k, 10k, half marathon & marathon) in just 2 days. Gary Corbett also conquered the half marathon alongside Mike.


Next up is the Snowdonia Half Marathon. This particular race although beautiful has a huge elevation, Caroline Weaver was one of the team who picked up a second medal for running up the steepest hill without stopping. The other members who took on the 13.1 mile climb were:

  • Tim Spencer
  • Phil Jolly
  • Caroline Weaver
  • Erika Lamb
  • Julia Whitesnowdonia half 1
  • Gaz Davies
  • Nige Taylor
  • Paul Scully
  • Paul Mcwhirter
  • Sean Gunnery-Hitchen
  • Adam Hill
  • Damian Cowell


Another special run for our calendar was Warrington Parkrun. This particular Saturday was a unique one for Warrington Running park run 3Club, It marked the end of a fantastic journey for our beginners. For many this was their furthest and quickest distance. We had lots of the team supporting by offering pacing duties for those looking for a PB. Graham Cheers was seen running back to runners to give them much needed support when they needed it most, outstanding behaviour showing everyone what a fantastic family WRC are. Well done to everyone at Warrington Parkrun:

  • Jeni Grace
  • Amanda Bentley
  • Jenna Taylor
  • Mike Kay
  • Tony Tonks
  • Phil Jolley
  • Chrissie Price
  • Nicola Lingley-Heathpark run 2
  • Andy Walker
  • Elaine Johnson
  • Neil Booth
  • Lisa Jefferies
  • Paul Scully
  • Tracey Walker
  • Sandra McGreavy
  • Jayne Cheetham
  • Lorna Davies
  • Lisa Reid (with kids)
  • Paul Corless
  • Clare Lowery
  • Michael Clarkecrazy cow 1
  • Brian Hall
  • Sarah May Rodge
  • Anita King
  • Karen Cartwright
  • Greg Walker
  • Emma Spencer Freeman


Jenna Taylor, Holly Blakemore and Sarah Day had a fantastic day at the Crazy Cow 10k in Preston while Jon Strange attacked a double Tough Mudder with Samantha Lloyd.

Another weekend of memories for all our runners, whom we call friends.

mad cow 2