The committee have come up with a bit of an idea and we’re looking to put together a virtual relay competition for a bit of fun with prizes for the winning teams

  • Distance : 5K
  • Route : Any
  • Run Completed : Fri 10th – 17th April
  • Evidence Submitted by : Fri 17th April


  • Your run can be done anytime between Friday 10th April and Friday 17th April .
  • Please run responsibly in line with government guidance. This is about having a bit a fun and bring the club together , therefore :-
    • Please do not drive to a route.
    • Run solo or with members of your household only
    • Maintain social distancing when on your run. If this means slowing down or even stopping briefly to keep 2m apart from other people, then please do so.
  • The route is any route of your choice and needs to be 5km long and recorded on your watch, treadmill, training app.
  • If you use Strava only (ie not automatically uploaded to strava from your watch ) please choose the race option. If recording on your watch please turn off auto pause .
  • Once you’ve done your run, please submit evidence of the distance and time by email to Feel free to take a photo and pop on our facebook page (in fact we encourage it , inc homemade batons and club vests ! ). Evidence of your run needs to be submitted by midnight on 17th April and winners will be announced on 20th April . If you have not submitted the run by then you will be automatically given a time of 1hr so talk to your team members to make sure they’ve emailed in. You can also select the share option strava or garmin and share with
  • To ensure fairness if you’ve run quicker than the group pace your time will be adjusted for the top end of that group , eg Blue is 9-10 min miles so anyone running quicker than pace will have a time of 28 mins recorded
  • Once all the teams times have been submitted an average of the 5 times will be taken for your overall score
  • The winning team will be awarded a two course meal at HQ once we are back up and running
  • We also have a prize for the winner who can predict the winning 5k time – submit your predictions below 😊

Groups will be announced Thursday 9th April but we are currently 2 short who run 5k at blue pace and 1 short for purple 5k pace if anyone fancies joining in x