The Manchester Marathon 2015

m2As the clock struck 7am on a cold Sunday morning 52 runners, spectators and friends huddled together.  Two hours from now many would embark on a journey that would change their lives forever, the Manchester Marathon.

The mood was high for most as the coach made its way towards the Northern city. Some expressed their feelings of anxiety and nerves, others acted cool, calm and collected but everyone offered overwhelming support for each other.

For many of our runners this was their first marathon, but for others it is just another medal to add to their ever growing collection. Along with the people tackling the full distance we also had many running as part of a relay team.

m4An extremely busy marathon to say the least, the race village was buzzing with people. We managed to grab a few quick photographs before everyone made their way over to the start line.

Many made the journey to offer support and stood along the route cheering and waving their unique banners, lifting the marathon runners spirits when they needed it most.

We are so proud to say that each and every member of team WRC crossed the finish line that day. Many struggled along the way but when times were hard they pushed trough, gaining not only a medal but a sense of pride.

Many crossed the finish line in a record time, but that was not the focus of the day as some faced their fears and others helped a loved one as they hugged each other, picked each other up and cried together in joy and pride.  Today they joined together, not only as a running club, but as friends.

m 7

Marathon:m 5

Julia White – 3.50.08

Mike Kay – 4.45.50

Clare Lowery – 4.21.50

Lindsay Plumb -4.20.03

Louise Plevin – 4.43.30

John Millington – 4.35.46  m 1

Lisa Reid – 4.16.50

Ben North – 3.57.51

Lisa Lee – 4.55.30

Craig Dennen – 4.10.40

Mark Daniels – 4.15.55

Martin Thomerson

Carol Louise Hanmer – 4.44.15

David Flanagan – 4.29.45 m 8

Sue Flanagan-4.29.46

Gaz Davies- 2.56.47

Mike Metcalfe – 2.56.47

Dave Yates – 4.15.55

Paul Mcwhirter – 3.54.17

Peter Glover – 3.55.34

James Clipstone – 3.36.15

Linda Anne Porter – 4.47.23m9

Michael Clarke – 3.48.32

Hannah Gallagher – 4.36.37

Phil Jolley – 4.16.50

Nathan Ashurst – 3.27.22

Paul Sellars – 3.13.09

Graham Cheers – 4.08.27

Matthew O’Dwyer – 4.43.26

Jess Sutcliffe – 4.40.41

Cloe Shankland – 4.30.12 m 10


Erika Lamb

Hazel Williams

Stella Reynolds

Holly Blakemore m 11

Trish Preston

Debbie Millington

Lisa Jefferies

Hayley Staunton

Graham Martin


Hayley Wilkinsonm 6

Sarah Nuttall

Sarah Day

Damien Cowell

Phil Walton

Nicola Finch

Jenna Taylor

Jon Strange