The hills are alive with the sound of WRC

Another Sunday means another race for the Warrington Running Club, this time to the picturesque city of Chester.  chester half

This particular half marathon is famous for its hills, many runners have been doing extra training to accommodate this and it certainly paid off on the day.

A stream of PB’s were made that day and friendships were bonded. Couples ran together and supported each other. One of our runners was even spotted physically pushing their friend up a hill, teamwork at its finest!

For a few at the club this was their first half marathon. It may have seemed just a dream one day to be running 13.1 miles but they put in the effort and made it a reality through sheer grit and determination.

Where next for the people of WRC, who knows?

Mike Metcalfe 01:20:08 PB dan d
Paul Corless 01:27.00
Paul Scully 01:29:27
Nige Taylor 01:29:27
George Gaskell 01:35:25 PB
Peter Glover 01:35:25
Stuart Garside 01:35:34 PB
Tim Spencer 01:35:42 PB
Damian Cowell 01:37:24 PB
Graham Cheers 01:44:21 PB
Amy Cook 01:45:03
Sarah Nuttall 01:45:06 PB
Mike Carter 01:45:58 PB
Colin Whittingham 01:46:08 first halflucy
Gill Glover 01:47:53
Andy Fisher 01:48:54
Mike Clark 01:49:54
John Bryan 01.51.04
Dan Dunbabin 01:56:13
Rachel Cartwright 01:56:47 PB
Clare Lowery 01:58:31
Lucy Mcellin 01:58:42 PB
Michael Kay 01:59:29 PB
Jayne Sudworth 02:01:16
Nicola Mather 02:01:17 first half
Sarah Matthews 2.02.30 PB
Tracey Fisher 02:03:45
Lindsay Plumb 02:05:47mike
Lisa Jefferies 02:06:11
Cheryl Robinson 02.09.47
Julie Cooper 02:11:52
Sharon Dunne 02:11:50
Sarah Day 02:19:34
Sarah Farrington 02:24:44
Trish Preston 02:26:54
Mark Anthony Daniels 02:26:54
Karen Wendon 02:27:23
Jenna Taylor 02:26:25
Holly Blakemore 02:26:26