The Bride and her Bridesmaids take on the Blackpool 10k

Blackpool known not only for it’s glorious doughnuts and white knuckle rides. It is also the go to place for Hen and Stag parties.


A coach load of WRC’ers headed to the sunny seaside town for a spot of merry dancing and a 10k thrown in there for good sarah henmeasure.

The members of Warrington Running Club worked behind the brides back planning bridesmaid’s outfits for not only the ladies but gentlemen too.

Sunday morning came and with a few sore heads the team walked along the promenade dressed in their hideous blues dresses, Sarah (the Bride) of course wore a white gown and veil.

Everyone ran together that day stopping for pictures and praise from the onlookers.

Sarah will be walking the isle for real on Friday afternoon  and we hope for Mr Garside’s sake that she won’t be running that day!