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”I joined WRC after just 2 sessions”

I was surprised with how many active members there were and how social as well as professional the club is.

I joined to train for a 10km race and ended up signing up for a half marathon a week later! I’m not saying it’s all down to WRC, but the run groups certainly helped my gain enough confidence to sign up for a half marathon. I was pushing myself in the group I choose to run in and the run leaders are all extremely supportive. This is most certainly the reason I achieved under 2 hours in my first ever half marathon – when I was expecting around 2hrs 15mins.

There is a host of advice to be found on the Facebook groups and even the chance to bag some late entries to races if people can’t make it.

I would recommend WRC to anyone who enjoys running – whether to get quicker, get fitter or just for the socialising (let’s not forget the WRC parties)  that comes along with it.


“I had the best running experience ever!”

“Would I recommend WRC to anyone wanting to join a running club? – easy answer YES!  Everyone is friendly and the leaders are always full of praise and useful tips to improve your running style/technique.”


“This Club is what a running club should be”

The club helped me get through my first 1/2 marathon with the amazing support at the EHM, you will feel the pride of wearing the WRC vest at any race you do and be surprised and amazed by the support you get from people you don’t even know but are members of this amazing club.”


“Warrington running club is a great club to be a part of”

I am amazed that having only been running for about 7 months,  thanks to the help and encouragement from all the members of the club, I have managed to complete a half marathon! I couldn’t have got through it without members of the club running and encouraging me along the way… Especially when I felt like giving up!”


Feeling and being part of a close group with some genuinely motivational people”

Training throughout the winter, feeling my stamina improve and seeing my run times fall considerably, this is down to WRC and simply wouldn’t have happened if I was still running on my own.”


I searched the Internet and found WRC”

“I started running on the 6th January 2015. I was 18 stone and managed a 500 metre run…….Joining the club has changed my life. I have lost 2.5 stone and met some fantastic people. It is all thanks to Warrington Running Club.”


“Me….Run???? Don’t be silly….I can just about run a bath without getting a sweat on….”

I officially joined WRC 3 weeks after my first run and I can honestly say that my life…my outlook on life has completely changed all thanks to some wonderful people I have met through this club.

I have most definitely been bitten by the running bug and just love the achievement of actually doing something I have found a love for and get fit and losing weight in the process, all alongside some crazy lovely people.

Thank you Warrington Running Club….YOU ROCK!


“I feel part of a team”

I love being part of WRC. I like the people and have made many friends. I like to help others if I can and on bad days appreciate help and encouragement from others. WRC have helped me to keep going with my running. I like the hill and speed sessions. I also like going to races en masse with WRC too. WRC make running fun.


“Joined WRC in September 2015”

WRC has helped me bring my mile times down from 12-13 to 10-11.5 minute miles”


“Have been a runner for twenty years”

“What keeps me at WRC? Without doubt, it’s the people”