Spring Marathons Q&A

It’s been suggested that we hold a discussion session to share experience ahead of the spring marathon season. This is something the club will arrange in January if there is sufficient interest.

I’m unsure of the format yet but it will probably be a structured but open discussion forum. Topics are likely to include:

  • Getting the most from the marathon “experience”
  • Goals and expectations
  • Training
  • Motivation and commitment
  • Support network
  • Nutrition
  • Race day
  • Success 🏅

All members and abilities will be welcome but my view is it will be focused more towards supporting:
– First time marathoners
– Improvers who are thinking about reducing their time or just enjoying it more

If you’re interested, then please comment below. Also, please comment with any topics or areas of concern that you’d like to be covered.

Then we can go from there.