Spring 10k

It didn’t feel like Spring today, but a little rain was not going to dampen the spirits of WRC.spring- julia & hayley

The runners arrived in force at Sefton Park ready to take on the 6.2 miles. The course was known to be tough but many chased PB’s, relying on the endless hours of training they had put in.

A shiny yellow medal was placed around the necks of the runners as they crossed the finish line, perfectly matching the club vest colours… but the day was not over yet.

The clouds had now parted and the sun shone, so our runners thought it would be rude not to celebrate their fantastic achievements in style with a few drinks.


Mike Metcalfe- 36.50

Paul Corles- 38:23

Paul Scully- 39.25

Nigel Taylor- 40.03

Dan Dubabin- 41.48

Tim Spencer- 43.38

Damian Cowell- 43.49

Peter Glover- 44.37spring- caroline

David Flanagan- 45.03

Ben North- 45.26

John Bryan- 46.18

Caroline Weaver- 47.03

Stefano Cossu- 47.03

Sarah Nuttall- 47.44spring- damo

Julia White- 50.29

Ben Dagger- 50.38

Lisa Reid- 51.40

Mark Greene- 51.47

Hayley Wilkinson- 51.37

Andy Walker- 52.04

Stephen Yates- 53.37

Stella Reynolds- 54.24spring- hazel

Tony Tonks- 56.01

Sue Flanagan- 55.57

Lucy Mcellin- 55.33

Alex Burt- 54.49

Lisa Jefferies- 56.12

Louise Plevin- 56.39spring- paul

Hazel Williams- 57.52

Liz Lloyd Chapman- 59.46

Sarah Matthews- 1.00.16

Graham Cheers- 1.02.51

Trish Preston- 1.01.37

Mark Daniels- 1.01.37

Jayne Cheetham- 1.03.56

Christine Spencer-1.03.56

Sandra Mcgreavy- 1.03.56

Sarah Farrington- 1.05.47

Clive Dunbabin- 1.07.58

Melissa Giusti- 1.14.39