Sefton 5-miler proves a hit

Members of WRC, headed in some number, to Sefton Park in Liverpool to complete the yearly 5-mile race organised by Mossley Hill Athletics Club.

seftonThe race took in the paths around the well-known Liverpool landmark and proved to be a superbly organised and administrated event, which was excellent value for money.

Each runner went onto to scoop a medal for their efforts and a goody bag which included a mug for that all important post race brew.

Not only that, but at the completion of the race, all competitors were invited back to a local clubhouse where a hot curry was laid on and a few celebratory drinks were sunk.

Once again WRC went on to receive much positive feedback from the way its members conducted themselves in the support of all the runners on show.

Sefton Park – 5 mile race (22/07/15)

  • Mike Metcalfe (30:57)
  • Dan Dunbabin (33:07)
  • Nat Ashurst (33:30)
  • Sarah Nuttall (37:03)
  • Andy Walker (39:58)
  • Lisa Lee (41:15)
  • Craig Dennan (41:21)
  • Hazel Williams (42:35)
  • Luke Gallagher (44:01)
  • Jim Little (45:12)
  • Carol Hanmer (45:19)
  • Sandra Mcgreavy (46:22)
  • Wayne Nickson (46:54)
  • Lucy McEllin (48:45)
  • Hannah Gallagher (50:38)
  • Sarah Day (50:39)
  • Chloe Davies (50:58)
  • Evonne Hazlehurst (51:53)
  • Louise Casey (51:53)
  • Graham Cheers (52:32)
  • Kristene Karaski (56:50)