Rocking around the streets of Dublin.

WRC on tour, this time to the cobbled streets of Dublin. The Rock and Roll series which recently featured in Liverpool offered an inviting second medal for doing two R&R races in different countries. For Warrington Running Club, being the medal lovers that they are obviously didn’t need much convincing.


The troops headed out in force to the beautiful city for a taste of the high life or maybe just a pint of Guinness?

For some this was their first half marathon, others were just adding another notch to their medal holder. The route was beautifully scenic with glorious views of the park.  The bands were loud and motivating, it’s just a shame they can’t say the same for the Irish onlookers who were few and far between.

As some of the group may have had one or two pints of Guinness the evening before the race there were talks of someone ‘doing a Dave’

Meaning of doing a Dave- ‘To enter a race and not attend due to their previous nights events’ running buds dublin

Lucky, no one did a Dave that day and each runner finished the race proud to be a member of the greatest running club around.

James Kemp has recently joined the club and managed to get his target time of sub 2 hours for his first half marathon. Tracey Walker also ran her first half marathon with other members of the club  who offered their support around the 13.1 mile route.

It was a great weekend all round with dancing on Sunday night in Temple Bar. The members of WRC flew home on Monday leaving with heavy medals and lots of memories they will cherish for many years.

Hayley Staunton

Tracey Walker

Sarah Daylucy and james

Andy Walker

Nathan Ashurst

Mike Metcalfe

Lucy McEllin

James Kemp

John Fitzpatrick

Paul Corless

Cheryl Robinsonyes you can

Gaz Davies

James Cooper

Lindsay Plum

Tracey Fisher

Nicola Dunbabin

Dan Dunbabin

Lisa Jefferies

Hayley Bellmile 1

Graham Martin

Hayley Wilkinson

Sarah Matthews

Caroline Weaver