parkrun stats – may 2019

2019 is absolutely flying. I can’t believe we are in May already………

March was a 4 Parkrun month with:
• 223 parkruns (Avg: 45 per Parkrun) were run in April. Which is 693.5 miles (1,115km) in total. If you ran that in a straight line from HQ, you’d end up in

• 33 different courses were run, including Fælledparken in Denmark for the second consecutive month. Wales was represented by Nany Y Pandy and flying the flag for Scotland was the always gorgeous Perth Parkrun.

• 30 new personal bests set. Which is a stunning 13.5% of Parkruns getting a PB

The fastest times and best age-grade performances were:
• The quickest female run goes to Jenny Evans with an 18:28 run on 20th April in Doncaster.

• The fastest males were Paul Marklove and John Preese with matching times of 19:15 at Warrington on 20th April and Widnes on 27th April respectively.

• Mike Atkinson takes the top age grade performance with an astonishing 77.83% run on 13th April in Stretford.

• Jenny Evans Doncaster run also gave her the top age-grade performance of 78.03%

The top 5 courses in April were:
Warrington: 107 with 14 PB’s
Widnes: 29 with 3 PB’s
Worsley Woods: 28 with 3 PB’s
Pennington Flash: 6 with 1 PB
Phoenix: 5 with 2 PB’s

Biggest Turnout (Single Event)
• 36 at Warrington on 20th April

Biggest Turnout (weekend)
• 67 on 20th April

Biggest Coverage
• 20th April – 19 Different Parkruns

Most PBs in a Weekend
• 10 – 13th April