parkrun stats – 29th Feb 2020

The first ever Leap Day parkun took place last weekend and there was a fantastic turnout. We had 63 runners over 10 different courses. We also had our largest ever number of tourists in a single weekend too with a brilliant 17 runners promoting the Primrose and Blue far and wide. A huge shout to the 13 of you who ran the Newborough Forest parkrun before taking part in “undulating” the Ynes Mon / Anglesey 10k and Half Marathon on the Sunday (that hill though!!!). It was lovely to see you all.

The 17 tourists picked up 20 points and 6 PB’ers picked up 25 points with everyone else picking up 10.

Don’t forget your barcode. If your name doesn’t show on the official parkrun results, then you won’t be counted. You also need to have your Club as “Warrington Running Club” in your parkrun profile.

If you are injured or can’t run for any reason, you can still pick up points for volunteering at parkrun or Junior parkrun. If you do volunteer, please get let Me (Kevin Miller), Gemma Littlefair or Lisa Jefferies know, and we can include your points.

Fastest female:

Sarah Garside (Newborough Forest) – 23:43

Best female age-grade:

Sarah Garside (Newborough Forest) – 63.25%

Fastest male:

Jack Antrobus (Widnes) – 18:23

Best male age-grade:

Jack Antrobus (Widnes) – 72.62%


(15 Runners / 0 PB’s)
Best Time (Male): Stefano Cossu (21:40)
Best Age Grade (Male): Alastair Brown (70.22%)
Best Time (Female): Laura Snelgrove (26:20)
Best Age Grade (Female): Jane Birchall (60.29%)


(14 Runners / 3 PB’s)
Best Time (Male): Jack Antrobus (18:23)
Best Age Grade (Male): Jack Antrobus (72.62%)
Best Time (Female): Alison Medlicott (31:58)
Best Age Grade (Female): Alison Medlicott (55.16%)

Sutton Manor

(13 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Geoff Douglass (27:53)
Best Age Grade (Male): Richard Rayner (51.22%)
Best Time (Female): Menna Goodwin (27:53)
Best Age Grade (Female): Menna Goodwin (58.70%)

Newborough Forest

(13 Runners / 0 PB’s)
Best Time (Male): Roger Seddon (23:16)
Best Age Grade (Male): Roger Seddon (64.97%)
Best Time (Female): Sarah Garside (23:43)
Best Age Grade (Female): Sarah Garside (63.25%)

Nova Prestatyn

(2 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Kieran Thomerson (20:14)
Best Age Grade (Male): Kieran Thomerson (67.71%)


(2 Runners / 0 PB’s)
Best Time (Male): Chris Cain (39:37)
Best Age Grade (Male): Chris Cain (35.85%)
Best Time (Female): Helen Goldsmith (39:37)
Best Age Grade (Female): Helen Goldsmith (41.31%)

Mile End

(1 Runner / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Neil Egerton (25:45)
Best Age Grade (Male): Neil Egerton (58.71%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Steph Price (24:15)
Best Age Grade (Female): Stephanie Price (61.44%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Paul Marklove (20:41)
Best Age Grade (Male): Paul Marklove (66.00%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Stuart Blackburn (34:16)
Best Age Grade (Male): Stuart Blackburn (44.11%)