parkrun stats – 18/1/2020

It was our “just for fun” record breakers event at Haigh Woodland last weekend where we attempted to beat the record of 15 runners from WRC which was set on 23rd June 2018. Find out below to see if we broke the record.

Parkrun day 5 saw an absolutely stunning turnout of 70 (The fourth time this year we’ve hit at least 70 participants. 70 was reached or breached on 6 occasions in 2019). 14 courses were visited across the weekend, including our first ever visit to Wycombe Rye.

6 Tourists got 20 points with everyone else getting 10 points and the 8 PB’ers got yourself 25 points.

Don’t forget your barcode. If your name doesn’t show on the official parkrun results, then you won’t be counted. You also need to have your Club as “Warrington Running Club” in your parkrun profile.

If you are injured or can’t run for any reason, you can still pick up points for volunteering at parkrun or Junior parkrun. If you do volunteer, please get let Me (Kevin Miller), Gemma Littlefair or Lisa Jefferies know, and we can include your points.

Weekly records

Fastest female: Debbie Huston (Sutton Manor) – 23:35
Best female age-grade: Debbie Huston (Sutton Manor) – 75.76%
Fastest male: Chris Millington (Widnes) – 18:17
Best male age-grade: Chris Millington (Widnes) – 80.04%

Event stats

Haigh Woodland

(20 Runners / 2 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Kieran Thomerson (20:47)
Best Age Grade (Male): Martin Thomerson (69.01%)
Best Time (Female): Steph E-Humphries (24:10)
Best Age Grade (Female): Linda Jones (62.15%)


(20 Runners / 2 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Nathan Ashurst (22:11)
Best Age Grade (Male): Mark Bell (63.49%)
Best Time (Female): Orianna Oriana Mulvenna (25:47)
Best Age Grade (Female): Jane Birchall (64.74%)


(17 Runners / 3 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Chris Millington (18:17)
Best Age Grade (Male): Chris Millington (80.04%)
Best Time (Female): Sarah Garside (24:36)
Best Age Grade (Female): Menna Goodwin (63.28%)

Sutton Manor

(3 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Robert Hough (22:15)
Best Age Grade (Male): Robert Hough (60.90%)
Best Time (Female): Debbie Huston (23:35)
Best Age Grade (Female): Debbie Huston (75.76%)

Sale Waterpark

(1 Runner / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Paul KM (20:38)
Best Age Grade (Male): Paul KM (65.67%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Laura Snelgrove (25:54)
Best Age Grade (Female): Laura Snelgrove (57.14%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Kevin Stock (34:19)
Best Age Grade (Male): Kevin Stock (44.05%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Louise Bradbury (27:52)
Best Age Grade (Female): Louise Bradbury (55.62%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Alison Medlicott (31:19)
Best Age Grade (Female): Alison Medlicott (56.31%)

Fletcher Moss

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Nadine Francis (29:03)
Best Age Grade (Female): Nadine Francis (51.46%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Andy Carter (29:33)
Best Age Grade (Male): Andy Carter (45.18%)

Pennington Flash

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Meg Daintith (38:33)
Best Age Grade (Female): Meg Daintith (42.02%)

Victoria Dock

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Andy Hitchin (25:16)
Best Age Grade (Male): Andy Hitchin (60.82%)

Wycombe Rye

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Stacey Shmygol (26:12)
Best Age Grade (Female): Stacey Shmygol (57.06%)