Parkrun Stats – 03/08/19

For only the 4th time this year (and that includes the New Year double day) we got into the 70’s in terms of numbers of runners completing a parkrun.

It was the monthly away day too and 24 of you donned the Primrose and Blue and headed up to Ormskirk (Home of one of only three parish churches in England to have a tower and a separate spire, and is unique in that it has both at the same end of the building).
Great Dunmow and Trelissick were added to the list of WRC parkruns completed in 2019 which takes the tally up to 120 different courses this year so far.
We had 5 new PBs set which will add 25 points towards the Club Championships as well as 12 Tourists and 24 Day Trippers and they’ll get 20 Points with everyone else picking up 10.
If you are injured or can’t run for any reason, you can still pick up points for volunteering at parkrun or Junior parkrun. If you do volunteer, please get let Me, Gemma Littlefair or Lisa Jefferies know, and we can include your points.

  • Jenny Evans took the quickest female runner this week at the Warrington Parkrun. In a time of 20:18.
  • Stefano Cossu was the quickest male with 19:51 time at Victoria Dock.
  • Jenny also took the best age grade performance a brilliant 72.91%.
  • The top male age-grade performance with a 71.35% went to Martin Thomerson at Great Dunmow.


(24 Runners / 3 PBs)

Best Time (Male): Tom Humphries (22:58)
Best Age Grade (Male): Glyn L Davies (60.03%)
Best Time (Female): Claire Louise Harrison (27:16)
Best Age Grade (Female): Linda Jones (61.92%)


(19 Runners / 1 PB)

Best Time (Male): Mark J T Bell (21:51)
Best Age Grade (Male): Alistair Brown (68.11%)
Best Time (Female): Jenny Evans (20:18)
Best Age Grade (Female): Jenny Evans (72.91%)


(10 Runners / 0 PBs)Best Time (Male): Lee Ainscough (33:46)Best Age Grade (Male): Lee Ainscough (42.00%)Best Time (Female): Laura Owen (25:46)Best Age Grade (Female): Hazel Williams (61.98%)

Great Dunmow

(4 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Martin Thomerson (20:11)
Best Age Grade (Male): Martin Thomerson (71.35%)
Best Time (Female): Clair Baldock (28:56)
Best Age Grade (Female): Clair Baldock (55.41%)


(1 Runner / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): William Staniard (28:01)
Best Age Grade (Male): William Staniard (54.85%)

Victoria Dock

(1 Runner / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Stefano Cossu (19:51)
Best Age Grade (Male): Stefano Cossu (69.77%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Sarah Day (34:06)
Best Age Grade (Female): Sarah Day (43.50%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Laura Snelgrove (27:29)
Best Age Grade (Female): Laura Snelgrove (43.50%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Kevin Stock (33:01)
Best Age Grade (Male): Kevin Stock (45.78%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Andy Carter (29:00)
Best Age Grade (Male): Andy Carter (45.75%)

Hafan Pwllheli

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Ann Dean (29:52)
Best Age Grade (Female): Ann Dean (56.81%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Andy Hitchin (30:58)
Best Age Grade (Male): Andy Hitchin (49.62%)

Pennington Flash

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Alison Medlicott (35:05)
Best Age Grade (Female): Alison Medlicott (49.64%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Hayley Wilkinson (28:02)
Best Age Grade (Female): Hayley Wilkinson (52.79%)

St Helens

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): David Geeson (30:49)
Best Age Grade (Male): David Geeson (47.49%)