Running = 10 points

Volunteering = 10 points (you will only receive points for either running OR volunteering – NOT both i.e. if you are Tailwalker or if you run parkrun on Saturdays and then volunteer at junior parkrun on Sundays ). However we don’t want to discourage anyone from volunteering and therefore if you’ve ran or volunteered on Saturday and then volunteer at junior parkrun you will receive an additional 5 points 

Parkrun Away Days:

Running = 20 points

Volunteering = 20 points 

If you achieve a PB at parkrun on any week, you will get 10 points but it must be an all time parkrun PB irrespective of course.

If you don’t have your barcode and an official time then it’s 0 points for that run.

All members taking part must have “Warrington Running Club” set as their club on their parkrun profile. If we can’t find you, you don’t get the points.

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