Park Run Report – Kevin – 02/02/19

The cold, snow and ice saw a number of Parkruns cancelled for safety reasons but it didn’t stop 36 intrepid adventurers getting out there and getting a sweat on and getting 6 personal bests.

Just the 3 courses this week with Warrington, Southport and Perth feeling the WRC love. Sky were filming in Perth on Saturday and a few of the runners were wearing Kilts…….!!! (and no I wasn’t one of them).

• The quickest female run went to Jenny Evans at Warrington with a time of 19:16

• The fastest male was Ray Clark who completed the Warrington course in a rapid 17:53

• Jenny also posted the top female age-grade performance with a 76.82%

• Martin Thomerson got the top male age-grade performance with a 76.63%

Warrington (34 Runners / 5 PBs)
Average Finish Time: 00:28:24
Best Time (Male): Ray Clark (17:53)
Best Age Grade (Male): Martin Thomerson (76.63%)
Best Time (Female): Jenny Evans (19:16)
Best Age Grade (Female): Jenny Evans (76.82%)

Southport (1 Runner / 1 PB)
Average Finish Time: 00:35:22
Best Time (Male): N/a
Best Age Grade (Male): N/a
Best Time (Female): Alison Medlicott (35:22)
Best Age Grade (Female): Alison Medlicott (49.25%)

Perth (1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Average Finish Time: 00:26:26
Best Time (Male): Kevin Miller (26:26)
Best Age Grade (Male): Kevin Miller (52.40%)
Best Time (Female): N/a
Best Age Grade (Female): N/a