Over 150 club runners take on EHM


It’s the day they’d all been waiting for. The runners of WRC were like children at Christmas, eager to open their presents to see what lay in store for them…


big wrc pic

For some the English Half Marathon is like a religion, a date firmly slotted into their diary each year, for others this is where their puple b'srunning journey begins.  Some of the members have been training for this day for months, their first race, and their first medal that they will cherish for years.


The festivities started on Saturday afternoon when some WRC members took to the ‘run it, find it and answer it’ Live Wire challenge. We are proud to say Holly Blakemore, Michala Donal and Paul Howarth won tickets to watch the fabulous Pixie Lott perform at the Warrington Festival.


As the runners lined up, three minutes to nine in the morning on that foggy September day the crowd was painted a sea of jennaprimrose and blue. The Warrington Running Club logo lay printed on their heart , and so they set off into the distance.


Many PB’s were broken for both the 10k and the Half Marathon distances, some had a good run some did not, but through thick and thin they stuck together and supported each other .


The support didn’t just take place on the course. Jenna Taylor was top cheerer when people needed it most while Nicola Dunbabin and Maggie Yates manned the WRC tent, giving out some treats to the fabulous runners and friends.

space hoppers


To round of a wonderful day some completed the Live Wire 1 mile run with their family and friends. Paul Corless and Nige Taylor even managed to bounce around the route on space hoppers.


Another wonderful day of memories built by the Warrington Running Club Family.


10K & Half Marathon Runners:

Jon Strange

Tim Spencer

Debbie Millingtonwrc gang

Emma Hollingsworth

Craig Cunliffe

Lauren Dixon

Dave Yates

Chelsie Pickford

Brian Hall

Milliee Goughpaul s

Will Halliday

Lindsay Plumb

Stuart Repon-Ness

Jeni Grace

John Fitzpatrick

Donna Gillespie-Greene

Paul Kelly

Michala Donalteam work

Neil Kavanagh

Julia White

Nigel Cosford

Rachel Cartwright

John Millington

Dave Burley

Tony Tonks

Melly Giustikye

Mike Carter

Tracey Fisher

Phil Walton

Nathan Ashurst

Hannah Gallagher

Gemma Roberts

Stefano Cossu

Mark Danielslisa and kids

Phil Lomas

Nicola Lingey-Heath

Sam Sweeting

Sally Hilton Appleby

Dominique Veron

James Hopkins

Hayley Wilkinson

Karen Jonesbecks

Karen George

Emma Spencer Freeman

Caroline Bones

Rachel Fitzsimon

Kayleigh Harden

Tracey Fisher

Mark Green

Graeme Martinwrc 2

Trish Preston

Nige Taylor

Cheryl Robinson

Gaz Davies

Helen Smithers

Lisa Reid

Holly Blakemore

Craig Rimmerpacers

Stella Reynolds

Ben Flynn

Damian Cowell

Daniel Taylor

Dave Burley

Lisa Lee

Hayley Staunton

Karen Jonespaul m

Matthew Johnston

Mark Bell

Courtney Hannah

Mike Kay

Sarah Garside

Stu Garside

Paul Corless

Martin Williamshayley and erica

Paul Mcwhirther

Claire Firth

Cathy Brownlow

Kye Byrne

Nicola Carter

Tracy Williams

Bobbie Lomax Nelson

Ben Baileypower man

Dan Dubabin

Andy Walker

Michael Clarke

Laura Cheers

Tracey Walker

Louise Casey

Adam Dunst

Craig Vanrooyclaire firth

Sarah Rodgers

Ben Sutcliffe

Deborah Pilling

Jenny Whyte

Stephen Helsby

Hazel Williams

Stuart Blackburn

John Bryanboys

Jack Antrobus

Stephen Yates

George Gaskell

Ian O’ Connor

Louise Plevin

Leanne Adams

Neil Peacock

Colin Whittinghamstu

James Clipstone

Chez Griffin

Clare Boyle

Peter Glover

Stephen Bates

Joanne Monks

David Flanagan

Sue Flanagancraig 2

Julie Cooper

Stuart Lawton

Anita King

Maddy Cocker

Andy Smith

Andrew Williams

Hannah Hutton

Rebecca Sogbetundave f

Erika Lamb

Cameron Jolley

Phil Jolley

Claire Moon

Gail Andrews

Cat Salt

Diane Smith-White

Lucy McEllinjames and lucy

Haze Pearson

Elaine Johnson

Vic Sogbetun

Andy Fisher

Kathryn Geering

Claire Shepherd

Jayne Sudworth

Paul Howarthehm james clipstone

Mark Kieran Greene

Kerry Peters

Mike Clark

Chris Millington

Clive Dunbabin

Diane Moore

Joanne Griffiths

Sarah May Rodgecurry

Jo White

Andrew Duncan

Li Anne

Sandra Lewis

Neil Boothwrc

Rachael Lowe

Sharon Dunne

Karen Cartwright

Tom Anthony

Alison Ewing

Gary Younggirls

Craig Dennen

Paul Scully

Nicola Baker

Nicola Finch and bump

James Cooper

Nicola Mather

Anna Barker

Gary Weildingbobbie

Mike Metcalfe

Lisa Jefferies

Allan Bird

Rebecca Mellor

Catherine Carr

Greg Walker

Chris Conchie

Michael Holme

Amanda Bentley

Stephen Park

Sharon Howarth