London Marathon – JW1

WRC place London Marathon blog #1

After running 10 marathons, the last being 4 years ago, a huge drop off in pace, fitness and motivation, I said that I wouldn’t run another marathon unless

1. I could do it justice (not likely – see above 😆)
2. I got a place to run the London marathon.

I was absolutely over the moon to be pulled out of the hat…..and then the huge task ahead dawned on me!

Having trained for marathons before, I know what a huge commitment it is. All you think about is when you’re going to fit your runs in, what to eat, how to fuel, weather watch for the weekend long runs (February runs are always cold, wet, grim!!), wine intake 😂etc etc..

Anyway, I’ve given my head a bit of a wobble, cracked on and put some effort in, enlisted some fabulous running buddies and I’m motivated to get this done. And with the last couple of weekend long runs and the best club run I’ve had for a LONG time this week, I regained some confidence and realised that may just do London justice too 😁