london marathon 2019 – Jon

London marathon 2019 a second chance.

When you don’t do your best it eats away inside.

After 2018 the hottest VLM errors in training nutrition and race prep didn’t help.
Note to self don’t wear a bloody tshirt …. it’s always vest weather!

Luck was on my side I got the club place!!

2019 was a bit different. No digging trenches no loading 8 ton skips and lifting less bricks.

Training has it’s ups and downs it wouldn’t be call training.
Irwell valley trail 20 miler….. all 4 seasons in one races …. note to self don’t wear a bloody tshirt….it’s always vest weather
Wrexham village bakery was a perfect half as prep. Practicing nutrition on this one and nice at pacing too.
Some fast 15s Some slow
Some fast 13s some slow
Some fast 9s some slow 8s.
Everything I do goes on Strava, I may even pay attention to the stats one day.
Running a few weekend miler runs and club nights couldn’t have done it without those runs in the dark. did you know there’s two 6 oclocks on the weekend.

Nutrion gels just don’t agree with me. Even a Lucozade sea weed ball at mile 23 tasted like sucking on a soggy bag.
Shot blocks work a treat but not when you’ve hit the wall at mile 16 of irwell valley and eat a full packet….. note to self don’t wear a bloody tshirt ….. it’s always vest weather.

Regular like clock work every 4 miles from the beginning. Helped me jump the wall we all talk about hitting. Practicing jumping gates definitely helps too (just not the ones down wrc way) they are an inch too high.

Traveling down on the Saturday and not getting drawn into the whole London tourist traps and walking far too many miles pre-race helped rest my gammy feet. Less time on them the better. So a relaxed evening spent ironing my vest (note to self don’t wear a bloody tshirt….. it’s always vest weather) and preping my clothes. My 14 year old lucky shorts, boxers with the hole in and Aldi work socks. Tried and tested clothes to prevent any miss haps. even managing to eat a few creme eggs.

Morning breakfast consisted of porridge and banana mushed together with plenty of time to digest. I think I was up from 5 after going bed around 11.30 too. Stiff nips in excitement I decided to tape them up to be safe.

Race day is mental in London everyone you see is in the same boat. Or should I say train. All heading to the same point 26.2 miles away. Apprehensive and excited at the same time. After a wee stop against a wall and dodging a flying jumper. Bin bag off and storm the start line.
I ran with captain scully for a few miles. Feeling strong I pushed on may be because it was down hill. Like clock work every 4 miles a shot block and swig of water I didn’t need it early on but knew it would pay later on.

Its great to see people you know on route to cheer you on. Unexpected boost and the wrc cheer squad always come up trumps.
Everything was perfect the weather the temperature my plan setting off around 7.10s with an expected drop later on hoping to bring me in under 3.20. The GPS glitch around canary wharf where signals go crazy. Knowledge from last year I knew this. Strava says I ran 27.11. I just had to hold on and keep on pushing.
Expecting to hit the wall around 17/18 but it didn’t come. No walking for me and I wanted to make sure of that all the way round. I had to, to stay on target. My gammy feet in pain but I blocked it out and pushed on.
The last 4 miles from around the cheer squad, home are the hardest knowing you are nearly there and seeing big Ben from so far off. On I pushed with pace only dropping a bit. I couldn’t and wouldn’t walk.
Seeing paul Kelly on the final straight I half expected him to jump the barrier with another photocopied race number and run in with me🧐. Even a bloody letter box over took me 📮
Coming up to a finish line any finish line knowing you’ve done what you set out to do is a great feeling. Even if it hurts you still smile.

Mission complete 3.14.11 a pb by 22 mins

May be carrying a flag and cape does slow you down a bit 🤔

After bag collection a litre of aldis finest black Current juice and a creme egg to celebrate.🥚

Even with all the messing around I hope I’ve done the club proud and can’t thank everyone enough. Without WRC I wouldn’t have got to many a start line especially London marathons 💙💛💙💛💙💛

They say good things come in three… I’ll be signing up for 2020…. I’ll try go fast too. 🥇🥈🥉