Goals and aspirations 2015

Below are a list of goals and aspirations from some of the members of the Warrington Running club, June 2015.


Dave Yates– A new different type of challenge for his 50th Birthday, pace a race.

Sarah Matthews– Get 100 medals.

Nicola Lingley– Heath- Run and ultra marathon (Warrington-Stoke).

Vonnie Hazle– Run a marathon, improve running style, run in green group, run an event out of her comfort zone (hell runner), Stop doubting herself.

Jon Strange– Run to – Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, run Snowdon, run/walk three peaks.

Jenna Taylor– To strive at making Wigan parkrun successful.

Sean Gunnery-Hitchen– Run in primrose and white, run 50 miles, 100 miles and plus 100 miles, finish 100 races and reach 100 marathon club, pace someone to their goal race.

Craig Culiffe– Help someone through their running journey.

Greg Murray– Run the Glencoe marathon, run injury free, earn his first medal.

Jayne Sudworth– Run a marathon.

Julia White– To become motivated to run on her own, a big challenge.

Gary Corbett– Run a marathon, run in green group.

Brian Hall– Run a marathon.

Stuart Lawton– Run an overseas half or full marathon, run a Lakeland trail 10k, become comfortable in green group, encourage his daughter to get into running, run with WRC as much as possible.

Rebecca Sogbetun– Run a marathon, run a race abroad (maybe Rock and Roll Vegas).

Debbie Millington– Run a trail marathon.

Matthew Johnston– Pace someone to their PB, run the Disney Star Wars marathon.

Nicola Mather– To become fitter and stronger and to put everything she possibly can into running.

Adam Dunst– To concentrate on his breathing, run a marathon.

Lindsay Plumb– To complete the full set of Lakeland trails including the ultra.

Darren Blackshaw– To get a good for age time for the London marathon, RUN 100km.

Clive Dunbabin– To get his weight down to 14stone 7lbs.

Allan Bird– To run the EHM without worrying about time.

Mike Carter– To complete a marathon.

Stella Reynolds– Run a marathon.

Gary Birch– Western states endurance run.

Simon Jardine– To run a marathon at his 10k pace from June 2015.

Martin Thomerson– Run 100 marathon club, 100 ascents of Snowdon, UTMB, lie down.

Joanne Griffiths– Run Disney Paris Half.

John Millington– Run a marathon without any walking, loose a bit of weight and get fitter.

Jeni Grace– Run a marathon.

Wayne Nickson– Run a marathon and a half marathon.

Carol Louise Hanmer– Lose weight and be more positive and happy.

Gary Young– Run a marathon in 2016, Encourage the twins to the point that he can’t keep up with them, get a PB without throwing up.

Jamie Callaghan– Run to look good on the beach.

Hazel Williams– To push herself and get out of her comfort zone, trail run and another marathon.

David Flanagan– Pacing races.

Nicola Baker– Complete EHM.

Hayley Staunton– Run as many marathons in different countries as possible.

Gaz Davies– Attempt Lands End – John O’Groats within the next 10 years.

Paul McWhirther– To finish and ironman.

Holly Blakemore– The Great Wall of China marathon.

Ben North– Run the jungle ultra before he is 40, to win a race.

Tim Spencer– 100km ultra in 11 days, 100 mile run, run in white, work on flexibility and strength, go a year injury free, pace someone.

Nige Taylor– Run 100 miles, Sub 2.40 marathon, win a race, qualify for Ironman world championships in Hawaii, do John O’Groats- Lands End on my bike in 5 days.

Sharon Dunne– To be a grandma with a running buggy.

Martin Williams– To conquer his shin splints and run a half marathon.

Tracey Walker– To run a half marathon.

Tony Tonks– Full Ironman before he is 50.

Alison Lysons– Loose a stone, win my age category in a race, pace someone round their first race.

Lisa Lee– To encourage Kiera (her youngest) to get into running, to get fitter/faster, EHM PB.

Hayley Wilkinson– To run for Ben’s Mum’s charity.

Ben Bailey– To complete a number of races with his daughters when they’re old enough.

Mike Metcalfe– To beat Gaz.