Fighting the tide in Blackpool

When I entered into the Great North Western Half Marathon that runs along the Blackpool prom I didn’t take into account only a handful of my beloved WRC had entered. Infact, I hadn’t given it a second thought as to why! I was actually very excited as it’s all good mileage for my personal challenge later this year.

As it got closer to the day, a few WRC members made some comments about Enjoy the Driving wind and rain! I checked the forecast and it did say it was supposed to be pretty clear! That weather forecast changed daily until race day and when we arrived in Blackpool I was surprised at just how powerful the wind was blowing and watching the sea bounce up over the walls onto the prom was very worrying!

So, myself, Erika, Rach, John and the lovely Debs who drove arrived and we went and got our numbers at the latest possible time so we could hide in the car for as long as possible! When we eventually braved the elements to the startline we met up with some other wonderful WRC members who were as daft as us for signing up to this event!

Being brutally honest, I didn’t really enjoy the event, as nice as the medal and tech tee was, 2 double loops wasn’t the best for motivation knowing a second loop against a wind that literally stopped us in our tracks was coming, some say it’s character building, I just found it unpleasant and unenjoyable… I have never walked on a half marathon, but that wind was just silly and it was quicker to walk against it that try and run, in parts. A personal worst for me! To be critical of the event, I believe the route could have been much better, it was a bit boring and I don’t think I would enter again if it was that route again.

A Massive fair play to all the race marshals who volunteered to stand in that weather to ensure all the runners got safely round… I am really glad the group of WRC that entered were who they were, I think, once again, my experience was made by being there in a WRC vest with my WRC running friends! They are all fab! Lastly a big shout to Danno for standing at the finishline with all of our warm kit to put on as we crossed the line! Those who are thinking of entering next year, good luck, have fun… But I won’t be there!