Emma’s first 10k

I joined WRC in October 2015 in the beginners group purely out of peer pressure! I couldn’t walk 5k never mind run it but Danno emma's 10kand Tracey assured us we would all do it. At the beginning I would go to the sessions and sometimes cry in my car from frustration because it was difficult and I didn’t think I was improving. 4 months later I’ve just completed an entire 10k!

A few people from my beginners group signed up and it was our very first event. We said we would start together and finish together. We set out early in our club vests, both worried and excited about what was to come. We got to the start line and we were well and truly frozen! On the way we bumped into a few other WRC family members and off we went. The whole time I kept thinking ‘just get to 5k, it’s just 5k…and then 5k again’. I even started picturing where I was in Warrington, which part would be Starbucks hill? Am I at the red bridge yet? Where’s Asda?

The atmosphere was amazing. As I got to the second lap I still felt strong but the second lap felt so much longer than the first!! Eventually at around 8k my legs came to a stop and I had a little walk. No matter what there was always someone with a word of encouragement or a quick cheer and before I knew it I was back to a run. emma's 10k 2As I got to the end I was starting to struggle and then I saw my friends Laura and Graham cheering me on. All of a sudden I was mo farah again! As I got to the end with Kerrie, the other two people from our group ran in and we finished together as a team like we promised.

It may have only been 10k but that was an amazing achievement for me and the others in my group who got to this point after 4 short months. Next up, EHM in September! It’s just 5k…four and a bit times!