An AGM with a twist

Tonight the Warrington Running Club put away their trainers and decided to embark on a night of celebration and achievement.pic 129

Our annual general meeting was a little different to most clubs, we used this as an opportunity to come together as a family and recognise the hard work and dedication this club thrives on.

The guests were greeted on a red carpet with a glass of bubbly, everyone put so much effort in to look a million dollars on the night and they didn’t disappoint.

Hayley Wilkinson put on an effortless performance with her band and really stole the show, while Dave Yates was the host for the evening doing what he does best by making everyone laugh.

The evening started with a list of awards, celebrating the achievements and efforts club members have put in.pic 66

Here is a list of the winners for each award and why they were chosen by the runners of WRC.


Outstanding Contribution to Warrington Running Club: Jenna Taylor

‘She has done so much for the club and always supports everyone even when she isn’t running’

‘just seems to have been around from very early days, always gives massive encouragement when run leading and has been to many races to support when she is not running’

‘She always helps me along when I am feeling low or flagging behind and makes sure that I attend, tells me about races and cheers me on at the end to do the all important ‘sprint’ finish.’ pic 139


The person who you believe has gone the ‘extra mile’ for Warrington Running Club: Jenna Taylor

‘Always encourages, motivates, helps out on club nights and organises Park Run tour and events.’

‘She is the loudest supporter ever and travels miles to call encouragement even when you think you’ve no more miles left in you’

‘She’s always encouraging the runners when she’s out and she’s bombed up and down the motorway, 4 kids in tow, to help WRC pic 13when needed.’


The most amusing Facebook post within the Warrington Running Club group: Mike Metcalfe with Asparagus Veins.

‘Asparagus Veins…. need I say more?!!’

‘I’m still laughing at asparagus veins’

‘There can only be one and I think we all know why! :)’


The most improved runner of Warrington Running Club: Ben Northpic 138

‘He’s come such a long way, I remember him doing his first 10k. Well done he’s an inspiration.’

‘I could almost keep up with him when I started, he’s now in a different league!’

‘Ben is unrecognisable from the man I met 12 months ago. an inspiration to all new runners wanting to lose weight & get fit’


Who wore their Warrington Running Club vest in the most unusual place: Tim Spencer

‘For the sheer bravery (stupidity) of wearing shorts in Iceland’pic 12

‘Reykjavik. Far too cold for most folk at this time of year but not Tim.’

‘Iceland…. really?? BRRRRRRRR’


The most fashionably co-ordinated runner of Warrington Running Club: Craig Dennen


‘Always coordinated… Puts some of us women (like me) to shame’pic 79

‘He is constantly looking to improve everybody’s running experience with Hokkas.’


The Mr/Mrs Bump Award: Clare Lowery 

‘she’s actually managed to fall more than Julia’pic 82

‘Lost count of the number of falls she’s had!’

‘Seemed to go through a spell of always falling over! I would also say she’s an unbelievable runner and does an amazing amount of miles, she is a great role model and probably deserves another award instead of one for falling over!’

pic 131

The most inspirational runner of Warrington Running Club: Erica Lamb

‘That woman is unbelievable with times which inspire me’

‘Erika is a tremendous runner, she is very helpful on club nights and topped it all off with a sub 3.30 marathon in London after carbing up on chips and mushy peas! Legend!’


Finally, a ‘Special Recognition’ award was presented to three remarkable ladies Hannah Gallagher, Carol Hanmer & Leanne Haigh who did all they could to assist a runner from another club who had suffered a suspected cardiac arrest at mile twelve, prior to the emergency services taking over. All work in the NHS, and with typical modesty, outlined that what they did was simply based upon their professional  training. However, all at WRC were immensely proud of this collective selfless attitude, therefore, this award was WRC’s way of recognising this incredible feat.pic 7

The Committee wasn’t overlooked either, the club members of WRC had all put their money together to get each person a present and a medal to thank them for their outstanding efforts.

The night ended with a disco and everyone danced the night away. Special thanks go to Chris Morris for his DJ skills and to Paul Bryan & Mick Hall for their amazing pictures of the evening. We also must pay tribute to Gaz and his Michael Jackson rendition, a moment that will be firmly planted in our minds for years to come.

Check out the video below for more pictures of the evening.

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