parkrun Stats 30/11/19

The cold snap had a real impact on the weekend activities with a number of parkruns cancelled due to the icy conditions. Unfortunately, the weather meant that the first of the 5 Gold Runs fell victim to the weather.

The safety of the participants is paramount so a huge thank you to all the volunteers who get to the courses early and make sure that it is safe and that everything is set up.

Due to the cancellation of the Gold Run and in a mood of festive merriment, I was handing out points like they were going out of fashion and awarded double points to everyone that took part in a parkrun at the weekend. Unfortunately I missed out on double points by going to Widnes and finding it cancelled then heading to St Helens which was also out of action…..

29 brave and hardy souls took on 6 courses. 2 tourists picked up 40 points each and 2 PB’s were set bagging you 25 points towards your Club parkrun Championships score with everyone else picking up 20 points.

To have your run counted towards the Club parkrun Championships, you have to have your Club as “Warrington Running Club” in your parkrun profile and don’t forget your barcode.

If you are injured or can’t run for any reason, you can still pick up points for volunteering at parkrun or Junior parkrun. If you do volunteer, please get let Me (Kevin Miller), Gemma Littlefair or Lisa Jefferies know, and we can include your points.

The fastest female this week was Stephanie Price who set a time of 26:11 at Warrington.
The quickest male time again went to Kieran Thomerson with his 20:14 at Warrington.
Jane Birchall took the best female performance of the week with a 67.53% age-grade.
It was Nathan Ashurst who picked up the male age-grade performance of the week with a 63.66%.


(22 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Kieran Thomerson (20:14)
Best Age Grade (Male): Nathan Ashurst (63.66%)
Best Time (Female): Stephanie Price (26:11)
Best Age Grade (Female): Jane Birchall (67.53%)

Croxteth Hall

(2 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Ian Porter (24:56)
Best Age Grade (Male): Ian Porter (57.29%)
Best Time (Female): Alison Medlicott (32:54)
Best Age Grade (Female): Alison Medlicott (52.94%)


(2 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Julie Birchall (44:30)
Best Age Grade (Female): Julie Birchall (43.60%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Nicola Joynson (29:09)
Best Age Grade (Female): Nicola Joynson (55.00%)


(1 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Phil Jolley (27:56)
Best Age Grade (Male): Phil Jolley (52.80%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Tom Thomson (30:25)
Best Age Grade (Male): Tom Thomson (46.96%)