We needed a turn-out of 56 on Saturday to get us to the 2018 total number of parkruns. Did we make it? ……

We had a turnout of 53 over just the 10 courses this weekend meaning we are just 3 short. Surely we can make that this weekend…… Ashton Court in Bristol saw its first ever WRC runner taking part.

Both Warrington and Widnes have exceeded the 2018 totals. There are a few local parkruns that could do with a WRC boost to get closer to their 2018 numbers.
Pennington Flash (Needs 54 to match 2018)
Knowsley (23 needed)
St Helens (22)
Birkenhead and Haigh Woodland (17)
Northwich (12)

5 new PBs were set which will add 25 points to your tally on the Club parkrun Championships leaderboard as well as 3 Tourists who will get 20 Points with everyone else picking up 10 points.

If you want to be included in the Club parkrun Championships, please set your Club as “Warrington Running Club” on your parkrun profile and don’t forget your barcode.

If you are injured or can’t run for any reason, you can still pick up points for volunteering at parkrun or Junior parkrun. If you do volunteer, please get let Me (Kevin Miller), Gemma Littlefair or Lisa Jefferies know, and we can include your points.

The speediest female this week was Eva Jha who set a time of 21mins 57secs at Warrington.
The quickest male time went to John Preece with his 19:01 in Widnes.
Eva also took the best female age grade performance with a spectacular 75.78%
The top male age-grade performance with an incredible 74.58% went to John.

Widnes (22 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): John Preece (19:01)
Best Age Grade (Male): John Preece (74.58%)
Best Time (Female): Sarah Garside (24:25)
Best Age Grade (Female): Clare Lowery (64.35%)


(15 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Male): Alastair Brown (20:43)
Best Age Grade (Male): Alastair Brown (73.53%)
Best Time (Female): Eva Jha (21:57)
Best Age Grade (Female): Eva Jha (75.78%)

Pennington Flash

(5 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Gareth Finlay (33:54)
Best Age Grade (Male): Gareth Finlay (40.86%)
Best Time (Female): Helen Goldsmith (32:10)
Best Age Grade (Female): Alison Medlicott (51.18%)


(2 Runners / 2 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Jonathan Tucker (26:06)
Best Age Grade (Male): Jonathan Tucker (60.41%)
Best Time (Female): Sarah Seddon (30:24)
Best Age Grade (Female): Sarah Seddon (58.00%)

St Helens

(2 Runners / 1 PB)
Best Time (Female): Kelly Middlemore (26:59)
Best Age Grade (Female): Linda Jones (60.90%)


(2 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Tamsyn Duffy (27:48)
Best Age Grade (Female): Tamsyn Duffy (55.34%)


(2 Runners / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Dave Brown (27:45)
Best Age Grade (Male): Dave Brown (55.86%)
Best Time (Female): Kay Thompson (28:28)
Best Age Grade (Female): Kay Thompson (53.98%)

Ashton Court

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Female): Louise Bradbury (30:34)
Best Age Grade (Female): Louise Bradbury (50.33%)

Lytham Hall

(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): William Staniard (28:28)
Best Age Grade (Male): William Staniard (53.98%)


(1 Runner / 0 PBs)
Best Time (Male): Robert Hough (25:45)
Best Age Grade (Male): Robert Hough (54.75%)