2018 Cross Country

The 2018/19 Sunday X-Country season is finally upon us and well done to everyone who’s taken part in today’s event . The concept of the league is to provide cross country races over the winter, encourage participation and provide a sociable environment and runners of all abilities are encouraged to join in.

All runners must be FIRST CLAIM AFFILATED members of WRC to count towards the championship and MUST wear a club vest. Second claim and guests can run however they mustn’t collect a finishers token as they do not count towards the scouring.

Scoring and Points

Upon completing your race you will be given a token (Blue for Men and Pink for Ladies) with your fInish position on.
This token is then to be given to our Club Representative who will record our teams positions.
Your position will equal the points you recieve.
E g.
10th position equals 10 points
55th position equals 55 points and so forth
The team with the lowest combined scores will then be awarded the highest championship points
Although only the first 6 Mens scores and the first 3 Ladies scores count towards their relevant championship ( of which one must be a Vet), all runners score and can stop other teams scoring valuable points.

The Races

There are 6 cross country fixtures over the winter, all the courses are off-road and suitable to be run in running spikes. The courses are between 4 ½ and 5 miles in length and take place over grass, mud, dirt trails, hills, etc.
Every fixture is followed by refreshments supplied by the Host club (and sometimes showers). The results of the race are usually announced then.




We usually meet at HQ to carshare or meet at the venue.
All details are posted the week before the event.

That’s pretty much it Guys. Hope you enjoyed the first one and if you haven’t taken part before come and give it go. It’s great fun and a brilliant way to improve your running and fitness over the winter.