2016 Goals

WRC goals 2016:


Andy Swain- To have my op ASAP, to get back on form and hammer it all

Alison Lysons- Complete the tour of Merseyside in July.

Andrea Ince- To complete my first half marathon.

Alison Ewing- Run at least 5 Lakeland trails.

Adam Gallimore- A less hectic racing year with more emphasis on finding new interesting places to run rather than a race.

Allan Bird- Get rid of plantar fasciitis and run without pain. Get under 25 minutes for Warrington parkrun and under 50 minutes for a 10k. Enjoy running.

Ben North – Achieve a sub 1.30 half at Liverpool BTR, loose Christmas weight

Beks Cosgrove- To race competitively.

Ben Flynn- To do my first half marathon and do one later in the year in under 2 hours.

Bobbie Lomax Nelson- 20 minute parkrun, 40 minute 10k, 1.30 half marathon, to beat my 3.45 marathon time.

Clare Lowery- Keep on running and enjoying it

Clare North- To have a baby then manage another parkrun before the end of the year.

Cal Bardi- Get over the start and finish line of VLM.

Craig Vanrooy- First Marathon and 100k ultra.

Clare Boyle – To run a half marathon in 2.15 and enjoy it.

Caroline Bones- First Marathon, possibly an ultra.

Cathy Wallington- To love to run again.

Donna Gillespie- Stay injury free, sub 30 min at Warrington park run, sub 1 hour 10k, run my first half marathon, complete my first Olympic triathalon.

Debbie Millington- To complete my first ultra.

Dave Burley- To get back to PB pace.

Dave Rickart- To complete my first half marathon.

Dawn Cullen- To talk less and run more.

Debbie Guest- To run my first marathon.

Dawn Halliday- To run EHM without thinking I’m going to die half way round.

Dave Yates- To grab a marathon PB in Manchester. To make primrose my own run group.

Darren Thomas- To clear my injuries and run a 10k in under an hour.

Eli Abbott- Lose weight, get fitter, run 10k, run EHM, enjoy my WRC family.

Emma Bonner- To run again!

Elisabeth Whitehorn- Run my first marathon Rock and Roll.

George Gaskell- To make it through 2016, sub 3.20 marathon.

Greg Walker- Run my first half, sub 30 minute 5k, complete a 10k.

Gary Young- To beat Hayley Wilkinson in a race,avoid Hellrunner fear induced illness. Finish VLM and avoid doing ‘ a Gary’ at all costs.

Hazel Williams – Eat healthier and tackle more hills.

Hayley SB- Run a marathon

Hannah Evans- To get a sub 2 hour half marathon.

Hayley Staunton- Sub 2 hour half marathon.

Hannah Gallagher- To be a slim bride.

Joanne Monks- To be a skinny bride , to add to my medal tally

James Hopkins – To stop beating myself up about pace and just enjoy running.

Jayne Sudworth- Run my first marathon and get fitter than ever.

Jon Strange- To run through hell with a smile on my face.

John Bryan- Sub 4 hour Manchester marathon, complete an ultra.

Jackie Hickman- Make the club 2 nights, do a parkrun on Saturday, run a half marathon.

Julia White- Get a good for age marathon, keep loving running.

Julie Cooper- To be injury free.

Janice McDonnell- To complete my first half in under 2 hours.

Katy Jenno- To achieve a 10 minute mile pace and run a half marathon.

Karen Jones- Run a half in England , Ireland , Scotland and Wales

Kerry Peters- Loose weight, be injury free and enjoy all my events this year

Kristene Karaski- To put my trainers back on and get back on track

Katy Young- Finish VLM around 4.30. To run a sub 30 minute Pennington parkrun once a month. To enter one event a month after London.

Kerrie L Abbot- To stop worrying about other peoples pace and actually run for me. To do my first 10k by the summer and EHM.

Kev Logue-Enter a race, not have a 5 month break.

Kayleigh Harden- To find my pace again

Kane Andrew Thompson- Complete Manchester marathon sub 3.45

Lisa Reid- 10k and half marathon PB, help a friend run confidently in green group

Lucy McEllin- To run a race. Be back to half marathon distance by the end of 2016. Plan my WRC hen do and do a nice de stressing 5k the morning I get married.

Lauren Hayes- Run my first marathon.

Laura Cheers- Run my first marathon in Manchester, to stop thinking about pace for a while, enjoy my races.

Lindsay Plumb- To complete the Lakeland trails series , including the ultra.

Lisa Flaherty- To run my first half in August (Dublin Rock and Roll)

Lisa Jefferies- To continue to enjoy life.

Lisa Lee- To continue to love the running. To pace and help others.

Lauren Jayne Parker- To keep running regularly and speed up a little. Also to complete my first half marathon.

Michelle Brown-Crowther- To be injury free

Mike Kay- Sub 50 minute 10k.

Martin Williams- Sub 2 hour half and sub 55 minute 10k.

Mike Sinclair- To do 1000 miles in 2016.

Mark Green- To have a healthy family.

Mike Sinclair- To complete 1000 miles by the end of the year.

Martin Thomerson- Complete UTMB, run my 50th Marathon.

Nicola Lingley Heath- 5k 30mins, 10k 1.10, comfortable and confident with a half distance, help someone achieve something they thought they couldn’t do, enjoy the running.

Nicola Critchlow- To complete my first marathon ideally in under 4 hours.

Paul Sellars- London marathon sub 3, top 5 age group finish in the European duathlon championships in Denmark for team GB, Ironman in Barcelona in under 10 hours

Phil Lomas- Sub 4 at Manchester, improve my 5k & 10k & half times. I also want to seek out some new races and maybe do an ultra.

Paula Wright- To start running again and lose weight for a holiday in July.

Pauline Connor- To complete my first marathon in October at Chester.

Rebecca Sogbetun- Stay injury free and enjoy my running

Rachel Cartwright- Eat better, drink less, run more

Rachel Fitzsimon- To complete my first full Ironman.

Stella Reynolds- Run and marathon or 2 & possibly an ultra

Sean Gunnery –Hitchen- Manchester Marathon sub 4, Hell Runner sub 2.15, Warrington Way Ultra sub 8 hours, enjoy my running

Sandra McGreavy- To be more relaxed, happy and healthy.

Sarah Day- To come to terms with eating by the end of the year, get faster so I can be a slim bridesmaid.

Sarah Garside- Complete a marathon, get 1 PB, do a lot more parkruns, do more trails, hit 100 miles in a lot more months.

Stuart Repon-Ness- To run the west coast of America unsupported.

Stephen Bates- To complete my first half marathon by the summer.

Ste Moss- Half marathon PB.

Tony Tonks- A full year of running, focus on 5 & 10k times

Tim Spencer- To be injury free, Complete the LXM ultra without breaking myself, 9 hour viper solo without any tears, do the Warrington ultra again, 1.30 half.

Wayne Nickson- To do EHM after missing out last year. To have a full year of running with no injuries.