WRC Autumn 5 miler 2018 Series

WRC is a friendly running group that meet at 7pm every Monday and Thursday at The Seven Woods pub on Westbrook Crescent (WA5 8TE). Always check the Facebook page for the latest information.

WRC has a mixture of runners from all abilities and backgrounds and usually employ a muster style training method, where faster runners often head back to the back marker in order that training runs offer something for everyone. The group is focussed on helping you to gradually get distance under your belt and achieve your goals. Training events are not a race, it’s all about a group of people who want to keep fit and then potentially challenge themselves in events.

Do NOT worry about speed this will come in time. Focus on running at a pace you are comfortable with.

Latest News

2018 Cross Country

The 2018/19 Sunday X-Country season is finally upon us and well done to everyone who’s taken part in today’s event . The concept of the league is to provide cross …

Ring Off Fire – Matt

I’ll keep this as brief as possible….still going to be very long though!! Ring O’ Fire Ultra Marathon – 135 miles of very mixed terrain going the whole way around …

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